Why We Do It

Michigan Gone Wild was founded with the vision that would appeal to the average Hunters and Anglers that go the extra mile to be consistently successful at their respected outdoor activity. We go above and beyond to master our craft and to educate sportsman alike. We hunt and fish primarily Public land and waters. We are not interested in doing it the easy way. We want to capture our adventures all across Michigan and other states as we challenge our wits against some of the most pressured game and fish.


Join Michigan Gone Wild for another great deer season in Northern Michigan. We Hunt some of the most pressured bucks on Public land. We enjoy getting together with family and friends every year to hunt Whitetails in Northern Michigan vast forests. This is Deer Camp at its finest!

Michigan Gone Wild Theme Song
Michigan Gone Wild
By Jordan Kettlewell
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Michigan Gone Wild’s host Jordan Kettlewell floats the Au Sable River in Northern Michigan for some legendary Brown Trout fishing during the Hex Hatch.
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